At Saddleback Church, we believe that God created us to worship by bringing Him enjoyment and living for His pleasure. Saddleback Worship exists to create space for our church to live out this purpose by worshipping together through music. As we worship God together, we seek to equip and encourage our church to make worship a lifestyle in every area, even beyond the music.


SPRING 2017 - February 13/15 - June 19/21 -  (16 Lessons) 

SUMMER 2017 - July 3/4 - August 28/30 - (7 Lessons) Special Summer Rate $219 - Registration Opens June 8

FALL 2017/2018 - September 11/13 - January 22/24 - (16 Lessons - $560) Registration Coming Summer 2017

SPRING 2018 -  February 5/8 - June 18/20 (17 Lessons - $595)


At the Saddleback Worship Music Academy, our mission is to guide and develop the gifts that God has given our students through skilled training and one-to-one encouragement. Offering lessons in voice, drums, guitar, and piano.

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Saddleback Worship Music Academy Director
Rebekah oversees the Saddleback Worship Music Academy and is here to help provide additional information for anything you might care to know more about when it pertains to the Academy of Music.
e: rebekahj@saddleback.com | p: 949.609.8518