About the Lesson

Voice lessons offers one-to-one interactive coaching. Together, instructors will coach students to measure, assess and craft their voice for empowering their singing abilities. Throughout the course students will learn proper singing technique, breathe support, practices for increasing their range, and vocal agility.

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Registered students participating in the following vocal lesson will be mentored by Rebekah Jones. Rebekah is a singer and vocal instructor. She has been part of the Saddleback Church vocal community for the past nine years, a vocal instructor at the Saddleback Worship Music Academy for 9 years and she is the Director of the Saddleback Church Kids Choir. Rebekah began her vocal studies at the age of 12 and furthered her knowledge at Briercrest Bible College, Canada, where she completed her B.A. in Music with a Major in Vocal Studies. In 2013, Rebekah further for academic career and attended Liberty University graduating in 2015 with a Masters in Christian Leadership. She is known for using diaphragmatic costal breathing and vocal placement techniques to teach her students how to sing multiple genres with an authentic, contemporary style.

$560   MONDAYS AT 3:00-3:30PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 3:30-4:00PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 4:00-4:30PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 4:30-5:00PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 5:00-5:30PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 5:30-6:00PM (30MINS)

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$560   MONDAYS AT 7:30-8:00PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 8:00-8:30PM (30MINS)

$560   MONDAYS AT 8:30-9:00PM (30MINS)