Hi Everyone,

Thanks for being such a great team! I just created a new shutterfly site that people can go to for information. I would love you check it over for errors. I also need you to visit the volunteer tab on that site and fill out the "click here." It's the google form I will use to manage all of the volunteers. 

Please feel free to pass the link on to others whether it be for kids or volunteers https://anniversarykidschoir.shutterfly.com

Here is an update from my meeting with Pastor John this morning:

  • Kids will sing as part of the "Outside Experience"
  • Kids will hang out with their parents after singing and then be checked in to stadium seating prior to singing for the service
  • Kids will be picked up after singing and attend service with parents. (yay!! still working on those logistics.)
  • Kids will and parents will have reserved seating...great seating at that!