Last week I had to speak with a choir member who had been saying hurtful things to another child, to the point that she left choir indefinitely. Today, I found out about another child who has left choir because of the same reason. It breaks my heart to find out that choir has been a place where children have not been free from these heartaches and that in both instances the child did not feel comfortable to speak to one of the adults. 

In hopes of alleviating this issue, I will be addressing the topic with all of the children tomorrow. 

Steps of intervention:
1. I would like adults to sit among the kids especially 3-6th grade. I would like a volunteer at the ends of the row and someone to sit in the middle behind the choir. Each of us need to be actively listening and watching the kids throughout the rehearsals so we can hopefully prevent any more issues. 

2. When an incident arises we will seek the truth, apologies, and forgiveness. We will also notify the parents of both parties.

3. Those found to be "bullying" others will not be permitted to be in special roles and will lose that privilege. If it is an ongoing issue children will be asked to step down from Kids Choir until there is resolution. 

It is my goal that Choir is a loving and inviting environment as well as forgiving. We worship a God of second chances and I want to make sure that when we address those who have hurt another that we keep this in mind. 

Thank you for your continued loving support of our Kids! 

God Bless,