Hey All!

I am so excited for this week! The Kids are so well prepared for the production I am excited for them to have the opportunity to SHINE!!

A couple of notes/changes.

Dress Rehearsal

  • Worship Center Drop off all Choirs
    • Little Lambs Will Drop off Creek Side and be organized in the chairs under the screen. They should be ready to head to the stage by 4:15pm
    • Lambs will run through their songs. After which we will strategically have photos taken of them singing so that all kids are doing the same thing. Candid photos usually mean some of the kids in each snapshot are doing their own thing. 
    • 5:00pm Dismissal from chairs.
  • 1-6th Grade Choir
    • Drop off baptism side near back. We need to keep the noise to a minimum while the Little Lambs are practicing. We will use the open space to have them line up so they are ready to go once the little lambs have exited.
    • Amy please connect with Kylie (Stage Manager) about getting the first set of kids mic'd. 
    • Once the Kids are in place we will start with photography
    • We will then do a talk through followed by run through. 
    • We will try to get the kids into the seats under the screen for pick up. 

As always please keep a watchful eye on the kids. We want to ensure that there is no fighting and no cryers unattended. Also, Little Lambs parents will stay for the duration, however, at 5pm we will want to ensure all the parents and other adults leave the auditorium. 

Performance night Please arrive no later than 6pm Kids Will be arriving at 6:15pm. 

Also, I have requested some of our volunteers from the stadium to help tomorrow. Currently Cara's Mom and Alex's mom will be helping out.