I don't know if I've already said this...because I definitely thought it and meant to say it, however I may have forgotten to tell you that rehearsal Thursday was awesome and a great beginning to this season of Choir! I was so encouraged to see so many new faces being welcomed into choir. Even a couple of terribly shy kids who by the end didn't want to leave! What a blessing you all are!!

I am not sure what we should expect in choir this week, because there are several things happening. 

  1. We should be expecting Edge kids. Currently I am working to get lists squared away, but I am not sure if my list will be accurate. Therefore, we will work to be flexible and help families as they arrive.
  2.  The music video for Brave (Coordinated by the children's team) is being filmed during our rehearsal time, we may have limited attendance. However, I am not sure what to expect on that.
  3. I have had an average amount of emails asking questions about sign ups and auditions. We should all beprepared to explain the process so if you have any questions on that let me know.
  4. I am hoping that we will begin choreography on Thursday. I will know tomorrow.

Timeline For Rehearsal:

4:00 PM Meet and Pray (409-411)

4:15 PM 404 Opens for sign in

4:30 PM Warm ups & Welcome & Bible Devo

  • All questions regarding auditions...etc. by kids can be asked of leaders after choir. 

4:40 PM Teach He's Alive
4:55 PM Teach I Believe in Jesus
5:10 PM Run Through Brave One Time (Focus on Kids Energy)
5:15 PM Run Through This Is Amazing Grace (Focus on Kids Energy)
5: 20 PM Teach Learn To Love
5: 35 PM Pray in Groups
5:45 PM Dismissal

Much love and gratitude to all of you.