In our first day of choir we sang a lot and we talked a lot! One of the things we talked about is what it looks like to be a fan of someone. In a celebrity driven culture it was easy to name a few people we are all fans of. I know for me, that when I’m a fan of someone, I am very interested in knowing all about them! It typically involves reading articles, googling them, reading about them on Wikipedia, following them on social media, and of course joining their official fan club! I then share all of those interesting details and tidbits that I discover with anyone who will listen. I also, of course, dream of one day meeting them and what that might be like! I am actually part of only one official fan club. That’s the Jesus Fan Club. I signed up to be part of His fan club when I was four years old. That's when I gave my heart to Jesus and became part of His forever family. Why liken my love for Jesus to being a fan? Because Jesus calls us to, “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind.” When we’re a fan of someone we tend to focus a lot of attention on them and seek to know as much as we can about them…. we worship them. Jesus has called us to know Him, to focus our attention on Him, to love Him ,and to worship Him, he want’s all of us in His official fan club.