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Welcome Aboard!


The Purpose of this Packet

Our aim is to help you get situated into your new role on our team. We don’t expect you to have all this information retained and memorized overnight, but as we’ve all been there at various times, we understand that coming on staff can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to do and to see. The campus size alone is 124 acres and if there is a on and off switch to it, chances are our team will have some involvement with it.

Our general help line and number we give out to people is our Production Support line. That number is 949.609.8597. We like to refrain from giving out individual team member’s contact information. However, providing their staff email or staff desk line it totally okay. Yet the support line is the line they will use to get a hold of our team when they are in need during their event or have trouble on campus that involves technical matters.

This page is not comprehensive yet. It’s sort of a work in progress. Everything is sorta that way at Saddleback, as you’ll discover soon enough. But don’t hesitate to ask anyone on our team for help to understand a process or procedure. There is a lot to learn, and we’re here to help. Our staff motto is that “we’re better together” so with that, we work “better together” if we support each other.

We are so excited to have you joining the team and we hope you find yourself becoming one of the family as you continue to serve here with us.


-Nathan Wells

campus technical director


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This is where your shift assignments and all team scheduling are done. You will also utilize this system to request time off. This should be done two weeks in advance. The submission is then reviewed by Andrewand will be either approved or declined based on team logistics and availability to fulfill the request. It’s always better to submit a request as soon as you know the dates.



You will punch in and out for your shift and breaks   using your FOB with the time clock on the wall in the Production Office. On UltiPro you will be able to review your timecard for accuracy and you will submit your timecard for approval at the end of each pay period. It is important that you check your timecard daily for accuracy and email Andrew Sarver and Nathan Wells within 24 hours for any missed punches or inaccuracies on your timesheet. Failure to do so will eventually lead to being written up if there continues to be neglect in this area of observation and responsibility. UltiPro is also where you can review all of your needed documentation and forms as they pertain to your employment, compensation and Human Resource needs.


This is what is printed on the whiteboard in the Production Office when you come in at the start of your shift. While it is very accurate most of the time, you are still required to check the whiteboard and the printed EMS setup sheets next to the whiteboard at the start of every shift. However, checking the team events site can be an easy way to look up basic information while on campus or to get an idea of what the day is looking like for your next shift.


Planning Center is the coordination website we utilize for all weekend, worship, and large scale events on campus. PCO does our volunteer scheduling, our service flows and our team correspondence. You will likely receive scheduling information on this (in addition to WiW) so that you can easily find and see the data for the event you are involved with. While you are “scheduled” in PCO, which gives you the ability to accept or decline, as a staff member, you are considered as accepted regardless, as you are scheduled in WiW to be here for that event. However, please be sure to change your status to accepted so that the Production team and other teams involved with the event, know that you are confirmed and the person involved.


You can access your staff email from any computer or device connected to the internet by using this link. However, please remember to log out before you leave a public device for security purposes.


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Too many links to remember? That’s ok. Just remember one, and it will keep a current list of all links you’ll ever need for staff resources up-to-date and easy to remember.



You can get .vcf contact cards for all contacts through digital download to import into your contacts app, will mug shots and all pertinent information included.

Password: Saddleback!




Email Type: Exchange Server

Server Address:

Description/Name: Saddleback

Domain: SVCC

Username: ask your manager

Password: Saddleback!



Username: ask your manager (the rest is the exact same as your saddleback email information)



To change your password or unlock your staff account (which automatically locks after three failed login attempts) you can visit Saddleback’s Password Management System.

(You will also need to manually update auto-login devices to save the new password once it has been changed)



  • The first is enroll and is a one-time setup. You will want to perform this procedure as a new employee. The information you provide will be utilized when you need to unlock your account.
  • The second option is to unlock your account. This can be used after three failed login attempts have occurred, as your account will automatically lock for 30-minutes. This procedure will bypass this 30-minute waiting period.
  • The final option is to change your password. You will need to know your current password, which is Saddleback! by default. You will then need a capitalization and a symbol that is at least eight characters long.

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Automatic Password Change Requirements

Saddleback’s network policy will require you to change your password every 60 days. When it is nearing the time for your password to change you will start receiving email notifications to do so. As a primary mac user, you will need to change your password on the Password Management site. 

Alternatively, you can also change your password by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete while logged in to your account on a PC computer hardwired to our campus network to change your password. In either case, it can take up to 5 minutes for your new password to take effect when logging into your email account from the web app.


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Campus Tech Arts

You are on the Campus Tech Arts mailing list. Any email sent to this address goes to everyone on the campus team. This is an easy way to correspond with your direct staff team in one short email list.

Membership: Andrew Carey, Andrew Sarver, Dominick Rizco, Eric Kibbe, John Buchanan,   Justin Steel, Nathan Wells, Scotty Maxwell


WC Production

This is an easy way to correspond with the worship center staff division of the Production Team in one short email list. 

Membership: Aaron Ruse, Alex Fuller, Daniel Scotti, Mike Mierau

Regional Tech Arts

This is an easy way to correspond with the domestic and international campus staff division of the Production Team in one short email list. 

Membership: Greg Baker, Todd Mayo 

Tech Arts Team

This is an easy way to email everyone on the Saddleback Production Team (formally called Tech Arts or Technical Arts). This goes to every staff member on the Production team.

Membership: Campus Tech Arts, WC Production, Regional Tech Arts

Creative Arts Team

This is an easy way to email everyone on the Saddleback Worship-Creative Team (formally called Creative Arts). This goes to every staff member on the Worship (Singing, Band, etc.) team.

Membership: Bob Champagne, John Cassetto, Josh Miller, Jyro La Villa, Megan Sisk, Michael Kopulos, Rebekah Jones, Socrates Perez, Stefanie Cassetto, Temree Abajian, Travis Dahlin


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GroupMe is a free app that you will download to your smartphone. If you do not have a smart phone you can still setup your account online at and still participate via   standard SMS on your phone.

The dynamics and purpose of GroupMe is two-fold. First, it is meant to be a quick way for us to push team wide messages to the whole team in brief, time-sensitive scenarios. For example if we have an impromptu stand up meeting in John’s Office or at Starbucks, GroupMe may be utilized.  

Another example is when we are all working on a campus-wide conference and the main session ends and everyone is in various places on the campus, one message may be sent to the team to let them know that the session has just ended and to expect people to start arriving in their location.

The other purpose of GroupMe is really just team bonding and fun. While we work in a high-expectation and fast paced, ever-demanding environment on a regular basis, we are not a team without humor, light heartedness, appreciation of one another and fun. 

We want to make sure we keep GroupMe on the “up and up” meaning we don’t post anything that would be controversial or could be seen in a negative light, but we often do post silly things of praise or moments of fun that a part of our team just encountered and decided to share with the rest of the team. Meme’s seem to pop in every once and a while and goofy team selfie’s are always a normal occurrence.

As you are exposed to GroupMe overtime you’ll start to get the fill for it and please feel free to participate and interact. As a new person on the team you may tend to shy away from interacting because you think no body knows you, but this platform is designed so that everyone can get to known one another in a more casual setting that’s positively reinforcing to one another.

Connect with Nathan Wells to get setup in person

Texting - SMS

Let’s face it, we live in a world of short hand messages. The production team is no different. Often times we are in events where we have the ability to correspond but can’t verbally speak at the moment. Texting tends to be our primary form of communication while we are on shift. However, we try to respect people’s personal time by refraining from texting and instead utilize email when that person is not currently working.   

If a manager does text you while you are not working, they are usually trying to figure something out quickly and they would appreciate a quick respond as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean we expect an immediate respond when you are not on shift, but we are desiring a quick response if possible.   

Phone calls tend to be important. Usually if you are getting a call, especially from a manager or overseer, that means pick up. We understand, especially if you are not on shift and busy doing something or in an event where you would need to step outside first can cause a delay.  

However, phone calls are usually reserved for the, “we need something right now” moments and if you can either text back right away, if you need to decline the call in 5 minutes or if you need to decline the call, step outside and then call right back, we would appreciate you considering phone calls as an immediate form of response measure.

Connect with Nathan Wells to receive all the vCards for the Worship Department

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Breaks, while on shift

If at anytime your shift exceeds 6 hours you must take a 30-minute required break before the 6 hour mark. For good margin, we would say that if you are working a shift that is 6 hours or more, to take a break around the 5 hour mark of your shift. It is very important that your shift does not exceed a 6 hour increment of time without a 30 minute break occurring before the 6th hour.  

This is one item that you are responsible for monitoring on your UltiPro Timesheet. To the right of your punch IN and punch OUT time stamp, you will see the total number of hours for that segment. All the numbers to the right of your punch OUT need to be added together. Normally the first column is the only one with numbers in it. 

However, when you enter into overtime the other columns begin to have numbers in them as well. The combined total of the hours to the right of your punch OUT can not exceed 6 hours. If they do, it means you have not taken a 30 minute break within a 6 hour block of time. This is closely monitored by your manager, your  director, the HR department and the state of California.

We want to ensure each member has adequate time to have a break as outlined by California Labor Laws and we must make sure to be responsible for this. Failure to take a minimum of a 30-minute break before the 6th hour of continuous time in your shift will result in a write-up.

As always, if you have questions, or if there is a mistake on your timesheet, please email your manager immediately and within 24 hours to avoid any potential reprimand.

Requesting Time Off

All employees are expected to request time off with a minimum of two weeks prior notice on When I Work. Unless under special circumstances, such as a death in the family. Although you are able to request time off in When I Work, this does not mean your request is immediately approved. The request has been sent to your scheduling manager and will be reviewed for availability. We work hard to provide prompt response to all requests within a timely manner. If a request has not been approved or at least followed-up by your manager within 3 days, please feel free to reach out to them in person or via email to discuss the request.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to honor requests or full lengths of requests. This is most predominately the case during busy seasons of the Church and when other team members have prior approved requests off as well. This limits our availability to honor additionalrequests that occur at the same time.   

In the case that multiple employee’s request time off at the same time, the person who’s request is received first in When I Work will be the first candidate to receive approval, if approval can be honored. Subsequent requests will be fulfilled in the order by which they were received and decided based on team resources, logistics and availability.

Time off requests that occur less than two weeks in advance are considered a special circumstance and will require you to email your scheduling manager for consideration, as When I Work will not enable you to submit a request that is less than two weeks away form the current date. 

Special circumstance requests are not always guaranteed and usually place added burden upon the staffing of the team and the manager’s ability to allocate resources and configure logistics. However, it does not mean approvals can not occur within this time frame. We do ask that you reserve these requests for items that are highly important, irregular and that you keep them to a minimum and continue to utilize When I Work to request time off in the proper two week advance notice period.


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At Saddleback we believe we are "better together!" Our Saddleback Worship team desires to strive for excellence in all we do through a community that is grace filled, intentionally loving, and harmonious in spirit. Together we desire to commit ourselves to the same values as we serve the Lord within our church.