Welcome Aboard!

Our aim is to help you get situated into your new role on our team. We don’t expect you to have all this information retained and memorized overnight, but as we’ve all been there at various times, we understand that coming on staff can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to do and to see. The campus size alone is 124 acres and if there is a on and off switch to it, chances are our team will have some involvement with it.

Our general help line and number we give out to people is our Production Support line. That number is 949.609.8597. We like to refrain from giving out individual team member’s contact information. However, providing their staff email or staff desk line it totally okay. Yet the support line is the line they will use to get a hold of our team when they are in need during their event or have trouble on campus that involves technical matters.

This overview is not comprehensive yet. It’s sort of a work in progress. Everything is sorta that way at Saddleback, as you’ll discover soon enough. But don’t hesitate to ask anyone on our team for help to understand a process or procedure. There is a lot to learn, and we’re here to help. Our staff motto is that “we’re better together” so with that, we work “better together” if we support each other.

We are so excited to have you joining the team and we hope you find yourself becoming one of the family as you continue to serve here with us



Team Scheduling (When I Work, also referred to as WiW)

This is where your shift assignments and all team scheduling are done. You will also utilize this system to request time off. This should be done two weeks in advance. The submission is then reviewed by Andrewand will be either approved or declined based on team logistics and availability to fulfill the request. It’s always better to submit a request as soon as you know the dates.



Staff Time Keeping System (UltiPro)

You will punch in and out for your shift and breaks   using your FOB with the time clock on the wall in the Production Office. On UltiPro you will be able to review your timecard for accuracy and you will submit your timecard for approval at the end of each pay period. It is important that you check your timecard daily for accuracy and email Andrew Sarver and Nathan Wells within 24 hours for any missed punches or inaccuracies on your timesheet. Failure to do so will eventually lead to being written up if there continues to be neglect in this area of observation and responsibility. UltiPro is also where you can review all of your needed documentation and forms as they pertain to your employment, compensation and Human Resource needs.



Team Event Page (also referred to as Team Events)

This is what is printed on the whiteboard in the Production Office when you come in at the start of your shift. While it is very accurate most of the time, you are still required to check the whiteboard and the printed EMS setup sheets next to the whiteboard at the start of every shift. However, checking the team events site can be an easy way to look up basic information while on campus or to get an idea of what the day is looking like for your next shift.


Planning Center Online (also referred to as PCO)

Planning Center is the coordination website we utilize for all weekend, worship, and large scale events on campus. PCO does our volunteer scheduling, our service flows and our team correspondence. You will likely receive scheduling information on this (in addition to WiW) so that you can easily find and see the data for the event you are involved with. While you are “scheduled” in PCO, which gives you the ability to accept or decline, as a staff member, you are considered as accepted regardless, as you are scheduled in WiW to be here for that event. However, please be sure to change your status to accepted so that the Production team and other teams involved with the event, know that you are confirmed and the person involved.


Online Webmail Access (also referred to as OWA, or Outlook)

You can access your staff email from any computer or device connected to the internet by using this link. However, please remember to log out before you leave a public device for security purposes.


All Staff Resources

Too many links to remember? That’s ok. Just remember one, and it will keep a current list of all links you’ll ever need for staff resources up-to-date and easy to remember.



Download vCards for all contacts

You can get .vcf contact cards for all contacts through digital download to import into your contacts app, will mug shots and all pertinent information included.


Password: Saddleback!



Setting up Email on Peripheral Devices

Email Type: Exchange Server

Server Address: office.saddleback.com

Description/Name: Saddleback

Domain: SVCC

Username: jbuchanan@saddleback.com

Password: Saddleback!

Staff Domain Login User 

Username: jbuchanan@saddleback.com (the rest is the exact same as your saddleback email information)

Account Password Management

To change your password or unlock your staff account (which automatically locks after three failed login attempts) you can visit Saddleback’s Password Management System.

(You will also need to manually update auto-login devices to save the new password once it has been changed)


You will be presented with three options when you visit the Password Management page

  • The first is enroll and is a one-time setup. You will want to perform this procedure as a new employee. The information you provide will be utilized when you need to unlock your account.
  • The second option is to unlock your account. This can be used after three failed login attempts have occurred, as your account will automatically lock for 30-minutes. This procedure will bypass this 30-minute waiting period.
  • The final option is to change your password. You will need to know your current password, which is Saddleback! by default. You will then need a capitalization and a symbol that is at least eight characters long.