Breaks, while on shift

If at anytime your shift exceeds 6 hours you must take a 30-minute required break before the 6 hour mark. For good margin, we would say that if you are working a shift that is 6 hours or more, to take a break around the 5 hour mark of your shift. It is very important that your shift does not exceed a 6 hour increment of time without a 30 minute break occurring before the 6th hour.  

This is one item that you are responsible for monitoring on your UltiPro Timesheet. To the right of your punch IN and punch OUT time stamp, you will see the total number of hours for that segment. All the numbers to the right of your punch OUT need to be added together. Normally the first column is the only one with numbers in it. 

However, when you enter into overtime the other columns begin to have numbers in them as well. The combined total of the hours to the right of your punch OUT can not exceed 6 hours. If they do, it means you have not taken a 30 minute break within a 6 hour block of time. This is closely monitored by your manager, your  director, the HR department and the state of California.

We want to ensure each member has adequate time to have a break as outlined by California Labor Laws and we must make sure to be responsible for this. Failure to take a minimum of a 30-minute break before the 6th hour of continuous time in your shift will result in a write-up.

As always, if you have questions, or if there is a mistake on your timesheet, please email your manager immediately and within 24 hours to avoid any potential reprimand.

Requesting Time Off

All employees are expected to request time off with a minimum of two weeks prior notice on When I Work. Unless under special circumstances, such as a death in the family. Although you are able to request time off in When I Work, this does not mean your request is immediately approved. The request has been sent to your scheduling manager and will be reviewed for availability. We work hard to provide prompt response to all requests within a timely manner. If a request has not been approved or at least followed-up by your manager within 3 days, please feel free to reach out to them in person or via email to discuss the request.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to honor requests or full lengths of requests. This is most predominately the case during busy seasons of the Church and when other team members have prior approved requests off as well. This limits our availability to honor additionalrequests that occur at the same time.   

In the case that multiple employee’s request time off at the same time, the person who’s request is received first in When I Work will be the first candidate to receive approval, if approval can be honored. Subsequent requests will be fulfilled in the order by which they were received and decided based on team resources, logistics and availability.

Time off requests that occur less than two weeks in advance are considered a special circumstance and will require you to email your scheduling manager for consideration, as When I Work will not enable you to submit a request that is less than two weeks away form the current date. 

Special circumstance requests are not always guaranteed and usually place added burden upon the staffing of the team and the manager’s ability to allocate resources and configure logistics. However, it does not mean approvals can not occur within this time frame. We do ask that you reserve these requests for items that are highly important, irregular and that you keep them to a minimum and continue to utilize When I Work to request time off in the proper two week advance notice period.