The My Schedule Page

  1. Pending Requests– You will see a list of the requests that have been sent to you but you have not responded to yet. If someone has added you to their schedule but hasn’t sent you an email yet, it will not show up in the Pending Requests area. Respond by clicking ‘accept’ or ‘decline’.

  2. Upcoming Dates– This section shows you any plans you have confirmed. Click decline if you are no longer available. Once you have declined, the only way to accept is to manually email your leader and ask them to reschedule you. To see the plan, click the name of the service (above, “Weekend Experience (North Campus)” or “La Quinta/Main Campus” are both examples).

  3. Signup Sheets – Some ministry teams or ministry events allow their users to schedule themselves. If you see a Signup Sheet, you can click the ‘sign up now’ button to schedule yourself for any dates that are created.

  4. My Calendar displays a calendar with color-coded symbols over dates. A green triangle is for any dates you’ve confirmed, a yellow square is for any dates you’ve been notified of but haven’t yet responded to, and a red dot is for dates you’ve either declined or blocked out, and grey is for a date that you are not scheduled for. The blue square is the current date.