At Saddleback Church, we believe that God created us to worship by bringing Him enjoyment and living for His pleasure. Saddleback Worship exists to create space for our church to live out this purpose by worshipping together through music. As we worship God together, we seek to equip and encourage our church to make worship a lifestyle in every area, even beyond the music.

ABOUT THE Performing arts team

There is often the misconception that if you can’t sing or play an instrument, you can’t be a part of the Worship Community at Saddleback.  Thankfully, our Worship community doesn’t just begin and end center stage in the Worship Center.  A thriving part of our Worship community are the men and women who lead and serve in our various Performing Arts ministries.

Have you ever wished you were a more confident public speaker?  Are you the family entertainer, or the class clown?  Have you always dreamed of getting into theater or acting?  Did you know we have a Ministry just for you!!?  The Saddleback Actors Group provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere where improv games are used to improve your skills and confidence in all of the above.

How about dancing!? At Saddleback, we love using whatever gifts God has given us, to worship Him, and create an experience for others to worship Him as well.  The Saddleback Hula Ministry shares traditional Hula dance set to (English/Hawaiian) music.  This is a community made up of many cultures and backgrounds, with one unique purpose: to praise the Lord through Makuahine, Wahine, and Kaikamahine dancing.  Don’t know how to Hula?  That’s okay!  Our skilled and compassionate ministry leaders will train you in this vibrant style of worship!



Worship Team Coordinator
Travis coordinates the Performing Arts Team at Saddleback and is here to help provide additional information for anything you might care to know more about when it pertains to the Performing Arts team.
e: travisd@saddleback.com | p: 949.609.8538