Saddleback Production exists to provide top-level, second-mile service to our church community through a partnership will all ministries both locally and globally; to prepare, operate, maintain, support and seamlessly integrate the technologies of audio, lighting, video and graphical presentations, that equip and enhance the outreach and commission of Saddleback Church to the world.

Saddleback Production is a community of various members of diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re young or older, experienced or just passionate, introverted or extroverted, we all have a place on this team.

We work together, serving often in different capacities simultaneously, to set the stage of opportunity so God’s Spirit can interact without distraction or hindrance, so that one more might cross the line of faith and grow in their dependence upon the Lord.

Saddleback Production prepares, operates and supports the audio, lighting, video and graphical presentational needs of all ministries and outreaches of Saddleback Church.


Saddleback Production’s Stage Production team provides some of the most basic of necessary help and support for a production to be successful. With any of our large to mid size productions there are a great deal of moving parts and components that have to occur at specific moments and often in certain ways to accomplish the ultimate goal pursued in a production.

There is a great deal of planning, building set props, running cable lines, spiking cue marks, updating planning notes and corresponding within our “prep mode,” this is all done in an effort to provide (at times) extreme levels of adaptability and flexibility to accommodate last moment audibles and asks to achieve a successfully smooth running and distraction-less production for ministry events.

There are some great opportunities to serve on the Stage Production team without having tremendous technical foreknowledge there are also areas where specific trade skills and knowledge are necessary and desired. This is seen most often in our set builds and stage designs, where carpenters, welders, and “handymen” skills are of an extreme value.

You may have attended Saddleback long enough to notice that you attended a service in the main Worship Center last weekend, only to find a whole new experience, look and feel present the following weekend. There can be that first “ahhhh” moment as you take in all the new details and surroundings as you enter into the Worship Center for the first time after a set change. But behind this, is hours upon hours of hard work, sweat soaked shirts, ingenuity, and teamwork that accomplished such a demanding feat in less than five days, all while still having to cater to some mid-week events periodically throughout the week.

There are ministry events, conferences, planning meetings and lots of preparations that occur all throughout our weeks, that volunteers can participate with the Stage Production team, in addition to the weekends at Saddleback.

Ready to dive in? Serve in the area of Stage Production with our Production team.



Weekend Producer
Stef helps leads the Stage Team and Produces the weekend services at Saddleback and is here to help provide additional information for anything you might care to know more about when it pertains to the Stage team.
e: stefaniec@saddleback.com | p: 949.609.8514