At Saddleback Church, we believe that God created us to worship by bringing Him enjoyment and living for His pleasure. Saddleback Worship exists to create space for our church to live out this purpose by worshipping together through music. As we worship God together, we seek to equip and encourage our church to make worship a lifestyle in every area, even beyond the music.


The Saddleback Worship Support team are the heroes that provide support through hospitality, administration, and production planning.  This team often serves behind the scenes, but they are providing a mighty work that allows the entirety of the Worship and Production teams at Saddleback to continue moving forward.  

As Saddleback moves forward to reach the least and the lost, through weekend services, P.E.A.C.E. outreaches, small group gatherings, signature ministries, etc., it takes members of the Saddleback Worship Support team to coordinate, organize, facilitate, host, and so much more, in order that these may be executed successfully.  

If you love people, and/or are skilled in administration and planning, and thrive in a fast paced environment, the Saddleback Worship Support team may be a great place for you to get involved. 

Ready to dive in? Serve in the area of Administrative Support with our Worship team.



Worship Team Coordinator
Travis leads the Admin Support Team at Saddleback and is here to help provide additional information for anything you might care to know more about when it pertains to the Admin Support team.
e: travisd@saddleback.com | p: 949.609.8538