John Cassetto

Global Worship Pastor
John is our Global Worship Pastor for Saddleback Church. Pursuing Jesus first, he leads and inspires the Saddleback Worship family with purpose. Alongside his wife Stefanie and sons Noah and Hayden, he creates space for all of our artists, technicians, staff, and volunteers to create, express, and lead in an atmosphere of joy.
p: 949.609.8432

Bob Champagne

Music Arranger
Bob supports the Worship Team through writing arrangements at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8577

Josh Miller

Associate Worship Leader
Josh finds joy to be a part of Saddleback Worship, which aims to serve Saddleback Church. He leads worship, song-writes and mentors the college ministry worship leaders. Josh loves contributing to the greater ministry of Saddleback Church.
p: 949.609.8513

Jyro La Villa

Assistant Music Director
Jyro co-leads the Band Team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8511

Mike Kopulos

Music Director
Mike leads the Band Team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8533

Rebekah Jones

Academy & Kids Choir Coordinator
Rebekah oversees the Academy of Music and coordinates our Kids Choir at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8518

Socrates Perez

Worship Coordinator
Socrates coordinates and leads worship for the weekend services at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8592

Shawn Williamson

Associate Worship Leader
Shawn leads worship for Saddleback Worship services throughout Orange County. She also coordinates worship outside the walls of the church bringing teams to the homeless, elederly, veteran, and prison communities. She loves spending one on one time with volunteers and serving alsongside The Saddleback Worship Team.

Temree Abajian

Worship Leader
Temree counts it an honor to lead worship at Saddleback Church. In addition to leading worship, she looks after the vocal team, mentors worship leaders, writes songs for the church and sits at the table of teammates who speak into shaping the overall culture of the team in alignment with the greater mission of Saddleback Church. She loves spending time with Jesus, leading people in worship to Him and mentoring others to do the same.
p: 949.609.8510

Travis Dahlin

International Worship Manager
Travis manages and supports the Worship Leaders of Saddleback's International Campuses.
p: 949.609.8538

Rebekah TenHaken

Worship Team Manager
p: 949-609-8471

Eric Kern

Associate Music Director
Eric helps direct worship and plays drums for Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.

Charley Hoy

Regional Worship Manager
Charley is a gifted worship leader and provides support to our Saddleback Regional Worship Leaders. While he loves to lead others in worship, his greatest joy is in the privilege of uniting all of the campus worship leaders within Saddleback Worship.
p: 818.383.4121



Greg Baker

Central Systems Director
Greg oversees the Technical Production Teams at our regional Southern California campuses and international campuses.
p: 949.609.8524

Daniel Scotti

Central Production Director
Daniel leads the Weekend Production team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8749

Stefanie Cassetto

Weekend Producer
Stefanie serves as the Weekend Producer at the Lake Forest campus. She oversees weekend services and large event details for our Worship Center venue. Stefanie believes God does some of his best work through our worship services and large group gatherings. She uses her leadership gifts to champion team health with an emphasis on clear communication pathways and robust processes. Stefanie loves serving the local church with her husband John and their two boys.
p: 949.609.8514

Aaron Ruse

Lake Forest Tech Director
Aaron oversees technical features and implementations at the Lake Forest campus and helps lead the audio team.
p: 949.609.8584

Kyler Robinson

Stage Coordinator
Kyler keeps track of what's happening on the stage each weekend at our Lake Forest campus.

Andrew Carey

Video Coordinator
Andrew provides support for video and graphics at Lake Forest.
p: 949.609.8595

Christy Anderson

Production Manager
Christy produces Saddleback Weekends at the main Lake Forest campus and keeps the Worship Center running smoothly and efficiently.

Connor Jenkins

Audio Coordinator
Connor mixes monitors in the Worship Center and supports the Production Team.
p: 949.609.8509

Jeff Mayer

Systems Engineer
Jeff assists with technical support of the Saddleback campuses.

Eric Kibbe

Systems Engineer
Eric provides Central Support and mentors and trains our Technicians on the Production Team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8591

Justin Steel

Production Venue Manager
Justin oversees the quality of the Lake Forest venues and leads the Student Production Team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
p: 949.609.8564

Zac Gerig

Audio Coordinator
Zac mixes audio for various venues at the Lake Forest campus and supports technical support.

Scotty Maxwell

AVL Technician I
Scotty supports the Production Team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus. His specialty is Video.
p: 949.609.8593

John Buchanan

Video Manager
John supports the graphic and video needs across the Lake Forest campus.


OUR global Broadcast TEAM

Frank Baker

Director of Global Broadcast
Frank oversees the global broadcast ministry, video communications and video distribution teams.
p: 949.609.8223

Braven Carver

Video Journalist
Braven produces and edits video that communicates life change and the global vision of Saddleback Church.
p: 949.609.8721

David Walker

Video Specialist
David shoots, co-produces and edits church news and sermon support for our global broadcast.
p: 949.609.8228

Jeremy Elder

Video Communications Manager
Jeremy manages the video communications team that produces church news, video support for weekend sermons and campaign curriculum for global broadcast.
p: 949.609.8590

Josh Campbell

Video Editor
Josh edits the global broadcast for distribution to regional and international campuses.

Robert Harmless

Video Archive Manager
Robert organizes and maintains the global broadcast video asset library.
p: 949.609.8452

Julie Christ

Volunteer Coordinator & Graphics Support
Julie coordinates the scheduling and care for the global broadcast ministry. She also oversees the input of song scans and graphics for sermon support.
p: 949.609.8745

Larry Whitfield

Video IT Manager
Larry manages the live webcast and IT video infrastructure for global broadcast.
p: 949.609.8330

Rick DeVoll

Live Broadcast Director
Rick calls the shots and leads the 130 volunteers that make up the global broadcast ministry.
p: 949.609.8482