Workshops will begin at 8:25pm and conclude at 9:15pm.
Based on the interactive format, workshops may continue past 9:15, however hosts will notify your class that the official time has concluded so that your personal schedule is honored.



Location: SK - Edge (3rd floor)

Description: Singer-songwriter, Meredith Andrews and her husband-composer, Jacob Sooter offer perspective, heart and methods; as they share some of the stories behind the songs we love to sing in worship. Take a seat as they share how they have brought breath to the words God has placed on their hearts through different seasons as they lead this interactive workshop on songwriting.

Speakers: Meredith Andrews & Jacob Sooter

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Music Directing 101
Location: Refinery Gym

Description: Music Directing 101 will cover leadership tools, service preparation, basic overview of Ableton and running backing tracks in a service. Whether your a musician leading a band or a worship leader and want to learn practical tools for directing a team and building a stronger band this is your workshop.

Speakers: Mike Kopulos & Eric Kern

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3 Ways to Grow in Your Worship Leadership
Location: Plaza Room (2nd floor)

Description: Join in on the conversation of growing in worship leadership as we take a look at three key components of development. Together we will discussion the topics of personal, peripheral and practical development as we examine areas such as, how we continually grow, lead off stage, and our physical expressions.

Speakers: Temree Abajian, Josh Miller & Phil Sanchez

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Essentials from the Vocal Toolbox
Location: SK - Reef (1st floor)

Description: Get some practical insight on how to best utilize the tools available to you as a vocalist. What’s the best way to use your microphone and your in-ear monitors? How do you use your voice as an instrument that can acclimate to different environments? Join us as we shed light on these questions and more.

Speakers: Socrates Perez, Emily Benford & Shelley Scarr

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Understanding The Secondary Guitar
Location: Tent 3

Description: Sometimes you play lead guitar, and sometimes you don’t! Join us as we take a look at the responsibilities of the secondary guitar role, from how to choose pedals to the different approaches to a song.

Speakers: AJ Ogden, Charley Hoy & Andrew DeZarn

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Basic Synthesis - Creating Synths, Pads & Layers
Location: P-102 (Plaza Building 1st floor)

Description: This workshop will provide hands on keyboard tutorials, as we look at creating various synths, utilizing pads and crafting layers.

Speakers: Jyro LaVilla

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Audio - Basics of Digital Mixing
Location: Tent 2

Description: We will begin to unpack the nature of mixing our services with digital consoles. This course will be great for beginners and will help provide clearer processes to approach for the more seasoned operator. Whether you serve in audio or just want to see some of what we do, all are welcome to attend.

Speakers: Aaron Ruse, Connor Jenkins & Eric Kibbe

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Producer, Production Director, Stage Manager: Making These Roles Work For You
Location: SK - Extreme (2nd floor)

Description: Learn how the role of producer, stage manager, and production director can increase volunteer engagement, efficiency and overall team health.

Speakers: Stefanie Cassetto, Daniel Scotti, Kyler Robinson, Sierra Beach & Dawn Severdia

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Raising the Next Generation of Production
Location: Refinery Classroom (2nd floor)

Description: We are all one body, unified together, commissioned to share the gospel with the word. At Saddleback, Production takes a foundational posture to the ministry, through servitude and second-mile service. The class will focus on how to be intentional in creating space for students (7-12 grade) to serve in the Production ministry and learn the heart, skills, abilities and gain the experiences to be an effective leader in ministry.

Speakers: Nathan Wells, Justin Steel & Dominick Rizco

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On Screen Graphics: Photoshop to ProPresenter
Location: Artist Green Room

Description: Learn the in’s and out’s of Saddleback’s Graphic creation for the big screen. Together, we’ll take a hands on approach for making great looking content; from concept, to design, to presentation.

Speakers: Andrew Carey, John Buchanan, Julie Christ & Sue Rosenthal

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Live Interactive Services: Using Skype Technology
Location: Worship Center

Description: Discover how Saddleback is working to interconnect our growing church family using Skype Talkshow technology. We will demonstrate the equipment and audio/video process we are currently testing to provide interactive worship services and training between campuses.

Speakers: Frank Baker, Greg Baker & Mike Mierau

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Better Lighting at Your Campus
Location: Refinery Theater

Description: Taking the lighting you currently have and making it look and work better for your campus. Every room is different and every campus has different lighting. Come with your campus lighting challenges. We are going to walk through different options for you to try at your campus.

Speakers: Alex Fuller

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