If you’re anything like me, the series of events that have happened in our world over the past two weeks have probably deeply troubled your heart. TV, social media, and newspapers all let me see what’s happening and I feel the need to respond in some way. I want to help or reach out and do something that will change what I see. As I’ve talked to the Lord about this and let it simmer inside of me, I believe my response as a child of God and as a worship leader is not despair, but prayer.

A posture of prayer is essential to lead worship well.

One of the greatest and most empowering postures we could ever take on as worship leaders is the posture of a pray-er; an intercessor. Prayer is a way to personally prepare before we lead people each week as well as keep us open to the Holy Spirit during the act of leading worship. Prayer is the very thing that will keep us available to be prompted to sing that chorus again, sing a spontaneous song of faith and truth, or to pause and be silent.

One of the core values of Saddleback Worship is Pray Continuously. As a team, we are committed to praying for God’s wisdom and for His direction for our church. We pray that our motivation is always and only for Jesus. We pray for growth in all areas of our relationship with God.

I have adopted this value and practice it throughout the times I lead worship. Every time I lead I am continually praying. It is one of my greatest joys. As a worship leader, part of our job is to shepherd in a way that takes the people in front of us from a place of despair to a place where their eyes are lifted to the greatness, might, and ability of our God. Often, the songs we sing are prayers to God that we as leaders can sing over a desperate situation, over a life, or a broken heart. We sing and declare these songs of faith, truth, hope, and life over our church out of the overflow of a constant prayer to God.

This week, as we prepare to lead worship, let’s remember to pray continually. Let’s enter into our rehearsals and services with our eyes wide open and our spirit in tune with Jesus. We are in a season where the pain in our world is obvious. We are also entering the holidays where hearts are more tender and more open than other times of the year. These unique seasons require prayerful leadership so we can steward the moments God puts before us wisely and in step with Him.

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18



Worship Leader

Temree counts it an honor to lead worship at Saddleback Church. In addition to leading worship, she looks after the vocal team, mentors worship leaders, writes songs for the church and sits at the table of teammates who speak into shaping the overall culture of the team in alignment with the greater mission of Saddleback Church. She loves spending time with Jesus, leading people in worship to Him and mentoring others to do the same.
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