It’s the weekend! That means it’s go time for our team. It’s almost time to open the doors of our church to our communities. It’s time to take care of last minute preparations. It’s time to get excited about worshiping our maker. It’s time to be expectant about what God is going to do in our midst this weekend. It’s time to be together. I’m so glad we get to be together. That we get to experience life and ministry and God together. That no one of us is alone. 

One of our core team values that we celebrate every time we are in the same place, united in heart  and in purpose, is “BETTER TOGETHER.” Here’s this week’s top twenty better together moments from our team! 

  • I love it when the FOH booth cheers after the band did an amazing job on a song.
  • I love it when the stage manager gets a call out for killing a stage transition like a ninja!
  • I love it that I can be a mom of a young child and still be a part of the vocal team, thanks to my church family! 
  • I love it when Dawn gets up at 4AM every Sunday to download the message for Saddleback LA. 
  • I love it when the whole team gets together to plan, encourage and challenge each other as one team. Thursday Production meetings are the best!
  • I love it when we have some team hang time after a service. 
  • I love it when we look around our green room and we see one team. Not just video with video audio with audio. Its audio with vocals, and band with video, and stage managers with lighting. Its beautiful. 
  • I love when Aaron and Connor take time to have a conversation with me about my in ear mix. The Lord only knows how frustrated I would be without their help and direction in trying to get the mix I need to lead worship comfortably and confidently.
  • I love it when I am at a campus I’ve never been to before and immediately feel like family! We are truly God’s Church and not individual campuses working toward their own agendas. 
  • I love it when I get texts and pictures on the weekends from other campus worship leaders.
  • I love it when I hear the story of a transformational moment God did in someone’s life at an event that I got to support behind the scenes.
  • I love it when we all gather as one! Swapping stories. Meeting new friends. Sharing ideas.
  • I love talking baseball with Rick!
  • I love to participate in worship at all of our campuses.
  • I love to circle up before services and pray; knowing that we are in this together! 
  • I love seeing young worshippers encouraged to lead.
  • I love it when Alex does a set change and encourages other campuses to participate.  
  • I love it when I bring my baby to weekend rehearsals. I experience so much generosity and willingness to help with him from the ladies who manage the greenroom, to ushers and volunteers. I DEFINITELY couldn’t do this on my own. 
  • I love it when the Lake Forest campus team visits the LA campus! I love the encouragement and the feedback.  
  • I love it when Frank arranges “series themed graphics” to be posted on Aspera prior to the new series. It’s super helpful in creating a nice “all campus” color palette.  

Here’s to a great weekend of being together. Praying that you build great relationships and that you sense God’s presence in your services, on the platform, in the green room, behind your console, through the eye of your camera, and in your conversations. Praise God we get to do all of this together. All of us is indeed better than one of us. Happy weekend!!




Stefanie serves as the Weekend Producer at the Lake Forest campus. She oversees weekend services and large event details for our Worship Center venue. Stefanie believes God does some of his best work through our worship services and large group gatherings. She uses her leadership gifts to champion team health with an emphasis on clear communication pathways and robust processes. Stefanie loves serving the local church with her husband John and their two boys.
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  • Love this list of moments that remind us how loving and serving God bring everyone together! Well said!

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