Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Like, my very favorite. I’m the kind of person that has been listening to Christmas music since June. So, I’m happy it’s finally here! This past weekend we had our 5th Annual Tree Lighting at our Lake Forest Campus and everywhere you look it is decorated for Christmas at Saddleback Church. We are officially ready to celebrate all month long!

Every year our Saddleback Kids Worship Choirs go all out with the kid’s Christmas production. So much planning and preparation go into this special event for our community. For the children involved in the choirs, they are taught early on that what they are a part of is more than songs or a performance. Our team of volunteers has been preparing the kids for the ministry of sharing the gospel.

It’s not about the music as much as it is about the invitation to Jesus Christ.

It is truly incredible to see the Worship Center fill up with our kid’s friends, families, neighbors, teachers, the postman—you get the idea! Anyone can show up! It is thrilling to see the grandfather, who hasn’t set foot in a church in more than 30 years, come to see his granddaughter perform. During these sweet productions he gets more than precious memories and photos to last a lifetime—he hears the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what makes these nights so special. The public school teacher, the unreached grandfather, and perhaps even the postman show up at church possibly for the first time because the kids have colored nearly a thousand invitations and passed them out inviting people to their Christmas production. They invite anyone and everyone with joy and excitement.

Another way Saddleback Kids Worship loves to celebrate Christmas is caroling! Next weekend we’re going out into our community to sing Christmas carols and invite our neighbors to Christmas at Saddleback, where they will hear about the hope we have in Jesus. This is one of our favorite traditions. As a choir, we have found that the community is receptive, and frankly, overjoyed when they open their doors and hear the children sing.  

God uses the exuberance of these kids with their child-like faith, and their sweet abandon in true worship to minister to the lost.

At Saddleback we don’t just believe that our children are the worship leaders of tomorrow; we believe that they are the worship leaders of today. It is my greatest joy to watch these children learn to recognize their gifts and use them for the Kingdom of God. They experience what it’s like to let God use them to soften even the hardest heart—during a Christmas Production, leading worship, or singing carols on someone’s doorstep.

Don’t miss this year’s Christmas Production!

Don’t Miss the Manger

December 10, 2015
7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Worship Center (Lake Forest Campus)



Academy & Kids Coordinator

Rebekah oversees the Academy of Music and coordinates our Kids Choir at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.
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