I am so glad you are here and pray that this becomes a landing place for you and your teams.

In the spring of 2015, Saddleback Church celebrated 35 years since the day we opened the doors to our community for the very first time. It has been a journey of growth filled with many changes and exciting opportunities to share the good news of Jesus to people everywhere. Saddleback Worship has been there every step of the way, creating a space for people to worship and celebrate their love for God and His love for us.

Today, Saddleback Worship, is standing at the precipice of a new season. Over the past 10 years our church has grown from one location in Lake Forest, California to many locations all over Southern California and the world. This kind of growth is God-inspired, exciting, and fast-paced. It requires deep commitment, great flexibility, and extraordinary amounts of trust—in God and each other. For the Saddleback Worship culture to be sustainable and reproducible, it requires new ways of building teams, sharing resources, leading worship on the weekend, and leading people during the week. We need one another.

That’s what this space is for.

It is for getting to know one another. It is for sharing what works and what doesn’t. It is for reminding each other of why we do what we do. It is for celebrating. It is for success stories. It is for sharpening skills. It is for staff and volunteers. It is for sticking together. It is for championing healthy souls, healthy teams, and healthy churches. It is for the joy of life transformation. And, ultimately, it is all for Jesus. His name is the heartbeat of Saddleback Worship.

The future of the Church is bright and Saddleback Worship is honored that we get to be a part of what God is doing right now.  

It is our hope that you find insight for leading others in worship, that you are encouraged in the knowledge that you are not alone, and that you dig deep into the resources provided for growth and connection in this space.

We are better together friends!

John Cassetto
Global Worship Pastor, Saddleback Church



Global Worship Pastor

John is our Global Worship Pastor for Saddleback Church. Pursuing Jesus first, he leads and inspires the Saddleback Worship family with purpose. Alongside his wife Stefanie and sons Noah and Hayden, he creates space for all of our artists, technicians, staff, and volunteers to create, express, and lead in an atmosphere of joy.

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