I can hardly believe we are already one month down in 2016! I have to be honest. The start of this year was different for me. I typically begin the year with specifics. I write a list of things that I’d like to accomplish and dream with God a bit about certain areas of my life. But this year the starting line was blurry. Last year seemed to run right into this one. When I went to create that list of goals and dreams, I came up dry. Maybe some of you can relate to this experience.

I believe year after year, season after season, day after day, God calls us to deeper depths and higher heights in all the aspects that make us “us.” Sometimes He inspires us with a clear vision and specific goals for the year. Sometimes the picture is fuzzy. Like it was this year for me. It is in the mystery that we must be compelled to seek God and trust that He will illuminate the path to those new depths and new heights. I find that when I lean into Him and ask hard questions, He is faithful to direct my steps.

“How’s my heart?”

“What reared it’s ugly head last year in my life?

“What issue is God wanting to put an axe to the root of this year?”

“Where was the evidence of fruit in my life and leadership last year?”

As worship leaders, we all know that God reveals truths to us while our hearts are open and tender to Him during times of personal worship. Stuff happens when people worship—hearts are softened, opened, engaged, and present before Him. God’s answers to the hard questions above can surface and transformation can begin. This is true of the people we lead each week. But it is also true of us.

If the only time we ever lift up our voice or instrument with a song to the Most High is when we are rostered on Planning Center for a church service or event, then we are probably missing something. Perhaps what Jesus actually wants more of this year, is for me—for all of us— to be people who are just simply worshippers of Jesus on our own time, outside of our job title, or when worship is being “required of us.”

Worshipper first, then worship leader.

Maybe this is what  God is doing in me this year. No lists. Nothing to check off. Just simply and wonderfully calling me to Himself. To be close to Him. To be changed by Him.  Maybe that’s what He wants to do in you too. When razor sharp vision and goals are unclear, may there be expectation and anticipation of what lies ahead. May our hands be up in the air to say “Yes, God. Whatever. Whenever. I’m your girl. I’m your guy.” This year, let’s lean into Jesus and into the heart of who we are first as a worshipper, then as a worship leader.



Worship Leader

Temree counts it an honor to lead worship at Saddleback Church. In addition to leading worship, she looks after the vocal team, mentors worship leaders, writes songs for the church and sits at the table of teammates who speak into shaping the overall culture of the team in alignment with the greater mission of Saddleback Church. She loves spending time with Jesus, leading people in worship to Him and mentoring others to do the same.
e: temreea@saddleback.com | vCard: /temreeabajian
instagram: @temree_abajian


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