When I’m writing, I have this tendency to write 5 or 6 drafts, all of them lengthy and well-thought out, and then end up scrapping them all for some small nugget of truth.  It’s the perfectionist in me that just won’t allow me to settle. And it’s that, sometimes debilitating quality that led me to write what I did below.

I think it’s easy in ministry to get bogged down by the to-do’s and tasks that are required to pull off a healthy and functioning church. The hours of prep or rehearsal, and then all the planning put in behind the scenes. We often spend late nights, early mornings, weekends and holidays away from home. I’m sure more than a few of us can relate; ministry can be rewarding, but hard!  

Easter is just weeks away. It’s go time for creative meetings, video production, song selection and rehearsals. So, as we enter this season of prepping for Easter, some words that our Worship Pastor, John Cassetto shares with us often came to mind. I believe these words will benefit anyone, in any area, and any season of ministry.

We GET to work in ministry. We GET to be a part of God’s miracles.

We GET to be a part of what God is blessing.  

It’s that simple phrase, “We GET to work in ministry,” that can truly make all the difference. We don’t HAVE to; we GET to. God has given us this incredible gift of using our life, our unique shape and talents, for His glory; and in the midst of all of that, we find joy and purpose.  

I bet I could get a few amens that life is fast, and ministry is faster, haha! But when we take a moment each day to remember what we are a part of, chances are, we will have a fresh perspective, and a clear focus of God’s Kingdom. The alternative is a bitter, burnt out perspective, that lacks joy and focuses on our inadequacies.  

This is serious business that we’re in, guys! Lives are at stake. Lives that need to know JESUS; to know that they are loved, to hear of His HOPE, and that need His healing. And we don’t want to get in the way of that. We want to help create experiences where people will encounter Him.

So, let me leave you with a bit of my heart. We’re in this together. My greatest privilege as a staff member at Saddleback and as a contributor to the global Church is that I get to share the highs and lows with each of you. There will be highs, and there will be lows. And they will probably come simultaneously. But our God is BIG, and you are not alone! Let’s champion the get to moments and let’s do it together.



International Worship Manager

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