It had been stirring in my heart for over a year—a hope, a vision for the women on our team across every campus to rise up to more than just a BGV or one reserved for the “pretty solo.” I knew it had to begin with the girls right in front of me. The girls I was leading on a weekly basis. I started to pray, and asked God, by His Spirit, to give me the next steps for these women worship leaders.

Ten years ago I had seen a gathering of women rising up in strength and grace when I was at Hillsong Bible College. Getting to experience a company of everyday girls who were choosing to accept the challenge of being more than just consumers of their worlds but, contributors and even pioneering leaders was something that profoundly inspired and impacted me. It shapes the way I lead and do ministry to this very day.

While at Hillsong Conference this past year, I leaned in during worship, during the messages, during conversations with friends outside of the sessions, and had “the ears of my heart” peaked for any direction and inspiration. I was back on the soil where so much of my life changed and was ready to hear God speak. It wasn’t until our flight home that I clearly and confidently sensed four words that would define what God had for the women of worship at Saddleback in this season.


You are completely and totally loved and cherished by the Most High, Almighty God.


You are found in His story {specifically the Saddleback story} for such a time as this.


You are entrusted with a sound, a posture, and a gift that can only be executed by the feminine heart.


You are empowered by God & your church leadership to rise up in the authority that has been given to you to nurture, shepherd, lead, challenge, and encourage your co-laborers and congregation.

Once back on California soil, we gathered together, seven key female leaders and me. We shared a meal, and they leaned in and intently listened to every word. These dear friends responded with tears in their eyes—each one saying that they have been waiting for this. They had been waiting for someone to give them permission to be more than just a pretty face and a sweet voice. They received these words with open hands, said yes, and ran into their calling as worship leaders.

There is so much power in calling the people God has put under our leadership to something higher than just responding to a Planning Center invitation. Invite them to take a front row seat; to be part of the miracle and get off the sidelines. When you release them, they will release others. Ask God to give you vision and take the step of faith in making it clear so the people can run with it.

As leaders, pastors, and shepherds of teams we must identify the people who are next level leaders. We must cultivate relationships with them and invest in their development. And we must extend an invitation to the bigger picture. This process of identifying, investing, and inviting unlocks the rich breadth and depth of God’s church.



Worship Leader

Temree counts it an honor to lead worship at Saddleback Church. In addition to leading worship, she looks after the vocal team, mentors worship leaders, writes songs for the church and sits at the table of teammates who speak into shaping the overall culture of the team in alignment with the greater mission of Saddleback Church. She loves spending time with Jesus, leading people in worship to Him and mentoring others to do the same.

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