There is something so fulfilling about worship leaders coming together – a room full of those who work week in and week out to craft an environment for others to see Jesus – to praise God for what He has done, to encourage one another, and to catch a vision for the days to come.


When each campus, each team, each venue comes together, we are unstoppable.

We host Team Night to create a place of unity among all members of our team, and Tuesday night’s gathering was one of the best. It’s a night that we look forward to for weeks in advance and remember for a long time. Team Night reminded us that we truly are better together – one team united in our purpose and commitment.

More than 300 vocalists, instrumentalists, lighting technicians, production assistants, music directors, and choir members came together for a night to refresh our souls and refocus on what matters most.

As the crowd rolled in, everyone was invited to take a photo before heading upstairs for tacos and a live DJ (both of which were awesome). We shared a meal together, providing an opportunity to chat with team members we may not otherwise interact with. We have so much variety within our team, spanning large age gaps, worship styles, backgrounds, cities, countries, venues, and campuses, and it is so exciting to talk to people who help execute our vision, whether it’s the 70-year-old managing our traditional music venue or the 13-year-old singing in the junior high choir.

We gathered together after our meal for a time of worship. It is so special to sing the songs of our church alongside those who care so deeply for them – those who have either written them, prayed over them, or performed them as a means of showing Christ to others.

John Cassetto, our Worship Pastor, led us by casting a vision for the future of Saddleback Worship. He preached from Jeremiah 17:8, reminding us that we are rooted in God’s word, evergreen, and fruit-bearing. In the following breakout sessions, panels of vocalists, band members, and production/tech team members spoke the values of our team in a focused, relevant way.

Listening to these leaders left me encouraged and excited to move forward together. We are a part of something truly special, and it is such a joy to connect with the people who make this team function. We are each a small part of something huge, and when we come together to celebrate God’s goodness, speak words of encouragement over one another, and commit to moving forward, we are fulfilling our purpose as a united team.



Worship Team Copy Writer

Kayla works with the Saddleback Worship Team to create and assemble content to help provide resources for other churches and tell the Saddleback Worship story.

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