Voice lessons offers one-to-one interactive coaching. Together, instructors will coach students to measure, assess and craft their voice for empowering their singing abilities. Throughout the course students will learn proper singing technique, breathe support, practices for increasing their range, and vocal agility.

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Registered students participating in the following vocal lesson will be mentored by Rebekah Jones. Rebekah is a singer and vocal instructor. She has been part of the Saddleback Church vocal community for the past fourteen years, a vocal instructor at the Saddleback Worship Music Academy for 11 years and she is the Director of the Saddleback Church Kids Choir. Rebekah began her vocal studies at the age of 12 and furthered her knowledge at Briercrest Bible College, Canada, where she completed her B.A. in Music with a Major in Vocal Performance. In 2013, Rebekah further for academic career and attended Liberty University graduating in 2015 with a Masters in Christian Leadership. She is known for using diaphragmatic costal breathing and vocal placement techniques to teach her students how to sing multiple genres with an authentic, contemporary style.

Drums Lesson (Suzanne M)

Drums lessons offers one-to-one interactive coaching. Together, instructors will coach students to from beginning to Advanced Drum and Snare Drum techniques. Tuning and drum set up. Reading Music and how to play with a band.

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Registered students participating in the following drums lesson will be mentored by Suzanne Morissette Cruz. Suzanne received her masters degree from the Conservatory of Music in Quebec, Canada and graduated with honors form the Percussion Institute of Technology in Hollywood,CA. As a professional musician she has performed with the quebec symphony as well as many artists. She is a member of the Jennifer York quartet and has played with the Drifters, Nancy Sinatra, Steven Dorrff and many others. As a studio musician she has recorded on Grammy Award winner Chris Bennett’s album, Mark Stephens album, and Artist Alissa of Capitol records album. Her broad knowledge of music and in-depth understanding the role of percussion has made her a much sought after instructor.

Guitar Lesson (Dave L)

Guitar lessons offers one-to-one interactive coaching. Together, instructors will provide students with the tools they will need to be effective in any guitar playing situation the student is involved in. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the goal is to provide the absolute best in guitar instruction to help the student achieve their desired results. Guitar lessons can help guitar students with their college and school auditions, dads who want to learn songs to play at their daughter’s weddings, worship leaders to add the skills necessary to accompany themselves with the guitar, or retirees desiring to learn how to play their guitar favorites.

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Registered students participating in the following guitar lesson will be mentored by Dave Lopez Sr. Dave is a professional guitarist and a guitar instructor who has been playing guitar since the age of seven. Dave has successfully taught many aspiring guitarists in the Southern Orange County area for 16 years; many of which, are now local worship leaders. Dave also has a B.A. in Music from U.C. Irvine.

Piano Lesson (Tiiu J)

Piano lessons offers one-to-one instruction from age 4 yrs to adult. Beginners learn to read and write music and play songs after only a few lessons. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Certificate of Merit program sponsored by the MTAC (Music Teachers’ Association of California). The program provides a standard of curriculum that requires students to strive for musical excellence in performance, technique, ear training, sight reading and music theory. Students interested in worship music will study chords and learn how to read chord charts in preparation for worship team participation.

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Registered students participating in the following piano/keyboard lessons will be mentored by Tiiu Marie Jankowski. Tiiu Marie has over 25 years experience in teaching and has travelled the U.S., Canada and Australia performing in concerts, TV programs and keyboard musician in worship teams. She is a graduate of Sydney Conservatory of Music.