As our team’s production leader, I know how easy it is to become consumed with the tasks we do and forget the bigger picture of why we do them. In a fast-paced environment like production, tunnel vision quickly sets in and racing to our individual finish lines becomes the goal. If everyone gets stuck in the mindset of simply getting stuff done, our efforts will fall short of their full potential. If there is no one looking farther out and pulling our heads up to catch a greater vision, the team starts to tread water. Effective leadership begins with the responsibility to remove ourselves from the daily grind and dream of a better tomorrow – creating a vision for the team to rally behind. Of course, the hard work needs to get done, but we must prioritize the reasons why we are doing it above the need to complete it.

Our entire Saddleback Worship team meets each week for an intentional time of connection and direction. Our worship leaders, technical artists, and music directors all gather in one room. It’s our time to look back, out, and up – back at what God has done through us; out to the future plans for our team; and up toward heaven as we give thanks for God’s grace and provision. On the production team, we look back at the week behind us to assess what we did well and what we need to work on moving forward; out to the weeks ahead to effectively plan and prepare for what is to come, and up to God to direct and guide us every step of the way. 

If our only goal is to complete the task before us, we will fail. We can’t be a truly united team if each of us only cares about the individual job we are doing. We have a responsibility to work hard, to serve our congregation in ways that help them experience God without technical difficulties, and to grow in our relationships with our co-workers in ministry. We can’t succeed in these key areas of ministry and leadership without uniting our vision and our tasks. Saddleback Production strives to be more than just a support team for other ministries – we are committed to leading the charge by humbly keeping our outlook high and wide and avoiding the trap of tunnel vision.



Lake Forest Tech Director

Aaron oversees technical features and implementations at the Lake Forest campus and helps lead the audio team..

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