Saddleback Production exists to provide top-level, second-mile service to our church community through a partnership will all ministries both locally and globally; to prepare, operate, maintain, support and seamlessly integrate the technologies of audio, lighting, video and graphical presentations, that equip and enhance the outreach and commission of Saddleback Church to the world.

Saddleback Production is a community of various members of diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re young or older, experienced or just passionate, introverted or extroverted, we all have a place on this team.

We work together, serving often in different capacities simultaneously, to set the stage of opportunity so God’s Spirit can interact without distraction or hindrance, so that one more might cross the line of faith and grow in their dependence upon the Lord.

Saddleback Production prepares, operates and supports the audio, lighting, video and graphical presentational needs of all ministries and outreaches of Saddleback Church.


Saddleback Production’s Lighting team contributes to some of the most directly noticeable features of ministry events at Saddleback. Lighting is both a necessity and an enhancement to the overall atmosphere and experience visitors will encounter when attending events at Saddleback.

We will place volunteers side-by-side with some of our great staff leaders so that they can observe the nature of operating lighting in a live production environment first hand. As key concepts are grasped and volunteers gain traction through the course of training and learning the various tools of the trade and system dynamics, volunteers will be able to sequence through pre-programmed show flows for various ministry events.

To be straight forward and to the point with you from the beginning, if your aim is to start out operating the main lighting console on the weekends for the Worship Center or even a large-scale ministry event, such as a weekend venue that has full lighting needs and multiple cues, chances are you will likely be disappointed.

Even if you have years of lighting experience, the dynamics of Saddleback Production’s Lighting team are unique to Saddleback and there is still a level of integration, margin, consistency and trust building that must first take place before stepping into some of our large-scale events.

With that said, we love hanging with our volunteers. At times the tasks can be labor intensive. As lighting involves operations with electricity, thousands of moving parts, fluid mixtures and network paths, the maintenance and caring for our lighting systems alone can keep our team regularly busy throughout the weeks. There is a place for you to be involved here and we want to help you find your nitch as well as help you grow in knowledge and competency in lighting operations so that you can continue to expand your reach and impact for Christ in various ways with Saddleback Production.

Ready to dive in? Serve in the area of Lighting with our Production team.