Seven values provide the foundation for our team. These values flow from a culture where we have deliberately made love our highest goal. It is not our only goal—but it is the highest. These seven values make up our team – they both motivate and challenge us to remember the why and the how behind the work we do.


Welcome new team members

We want to welcome, celebrate, and honor each member of the team, whether they are volunteering behind the scenes or leading from the stage. Everyone was new at some point – never forget how that felt. We implement training processes to make sure each new team member is informed, and use events like Team Night to create a space for fellowship and friendship.


One team

We are ONE team with ONE goal. Our love for our God and our enthusiasm for how He is working in our community will unite us. We intentionally build unified teams across all of our 16 campuses as well as championing that same goal between worship leaders, band, and technical teams at each campus. The tech team honors and serves the worship leaders on the platform and the platform team honors and serves the people behind the scenes. We are each other’s biggest fans! We love when we see our tech team worshiping from behind the booth because it is a reminder that we are all in this together – we share our faith and vision.


Reject negativity

We take our commitment to our Saddleback staff and membership covenant seriously, which prohibits gossiping. If there’s an issue, pray about it and address it accordingly. To combat negativity, we must encourage consistently. At our most recent Team Night, we had everyone text in a quick encouraging note about someone on the team to project onto the big screen for everyone to see. It was a great way to recognize and appreciate those who often go unnoticed. Send a text, write a note, or call someone out for being awesome!


Share everything

Come to work each day with a humble heart, recognizing that this worship experience is for all of us. When one person has an idea, we all benefit. In our culture, sharing information about an event or a service in a timely manner is like gold. It sets our teammates up for success, and it shows that we love and value one another. It’s essential for team growth that we are communicating and sharing what we’re learning.


High level of skill in every area

We must commit to continuously training and developing our skill, while also maintaining and growing our personal relationships to God, family, and the team. We can be excellent at our craft AND be fully devoted followers of Jesus. It is possible to attain full commitment when we are doing it all for the glory of God.


Implement new processes with joy

Fast, fluid, and flexible – a popular phrase around Saddleback that serves as a reminder to hold everything loosely because things change quickly and they change often. We encourage our team to lead with a “yes,” because although we may not always agree with the change, we must be willing to try something new.


Pray continuously

We can’t achieve our goal of lifting the Lord’s name high without consistent communication with Him. Our desire is to be in constant connection with Jesus. It is an ongoing conversation we where we seek His best in every area our lives and pray continuously for His wisdom and direction. We pray together as a team before each weekend and each event, reminding us that God alone is our motivation.




Worship Team Copy Writer

Kayla works with the Saddleback Worship Team to create and assemble content to help provide resources for other churches and tell the Saddleback Worship story.

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