If you walk into our Little Lambs preschool choir rehearsal on any given week, you’ll hear tiny but powerful voices singing out with all their might. Lyrics like “You are good all the time, all the time You are good” echo through the worship center. It is so precious to hear the praise of Jesus on the lips of our young children.  

I have the privilege of mentoring children in what it looks like to live a life of worship. We are teaching children to become lead worshippers in the various “kingdoms” God has placed them in – school, family, church – and all of the activities in between. It is both an honor and a responsibility that we are given to invest in these children now and not 10 years from now. They are today’s leaders, but they are too often sidelined in their ministry until they become adults. At Saddleback, we understand and believe that these early years are the most formative, and we recognize the opportunity that we have to inform the foundational building blocks that will help shape these young worshippers. We take them seriously and always remind them of the importance of the work they are doing for God’s kingdom. It is our role to champion them as they lead others around them, both in worship and as Christ-followers.


As our kids transition from preschool through 6th grade, and then on to Jr. High and High School, these same worship values are being established year after year. At each stage, the idea of leading worship as a lifestyle is reinforced to these young leaders. It is a beautiful thing to watch them grow up and then send them on to the next chapter of ministry. Nothing fills my heart more than seeing students I once taught continue leading others in worship as teenagers. My heart soars even more when they decide to come back and help lead in the kid’s choirs, giving back and passing on what they’ve learned to the next little ones coming up.




Academy & Kids Coordinator

Rebekah oversees the Academy of Music and coordinates our Kids Choir at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.


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