Hey all you worship leaders out there! It’s a brand new week and there’s no better time than today to take our vocal health to the next level. We live in a society that is obsessed with getting healthy and fit. Being physically fit has so many benefits, but what if we were just as intentional with being vocally fit?  

The great news about vocal health is that it is quite simple to attain. Here are two basic tips to tune up, tone up, and unleash the true talent God gave you. Yep, just two. Trust me, they work!

Tip 1: Hydration

If your vocal folds aren’t well oiled, then how are they going to work like they are supposed to? I have found that, when in good, overall health – if I am hydrated enough, I typically won’t need teas or sprays or anything else to help my voice. Those things can be great for extra-long singing days but if you are using them in place of hydration you probably won’t get the results you want.

The number one cause of vocal fatigue is dehydration.

We should be drinking plenty of water on a day-to-day basis and even more when we have a big event or weekend coming up. Unfortunately, one of the biggest contributors to dehydration is caffeine. Oh but we need coffee at 6am call times, right? Well, plan on either becoming vocally fatigued OR plan to do an H2O overhaul. Drink. Water. Always.

Tip 2: Practice!

No surprise here! Just as your body needs daily exercise to tone up so does your voice.  

If you’re rolling up to rehearsal and worship without warming up (at least 10 minutes) expecting to do great vocal-things then you aren’t setting yourself or your team up for success. 

Daily practice in the form of warm-ups and scales is so important. Shoot for 30 minutes a day of vocal exercises. This is in ADDITION to rehearsing songs. Even great singers typically practice at least an hour or two a day! Exercises are easy to find online. Check out a few of my personal favorites at the bottom of this page.

But no matter how seasoned you are as a singer, I always recommend voice lessons. You can never learn too much. Investing in professional guidance is priceless. 
Even if it’s just a “twice-a-month tune up.”  

Let’s bring our absolute best, prepared gifts to the table each time we step up to the mic. I’m confident we would experience freedom in our singing like never before, hit notes with ease, and open the door for God to use our instruments in ways we never imagined.

Now go drink some water and sing some Do-Re-Mi’s ;).  






Vocal Director

Emily is a singer/songwriter and session vocalist in Los Angeles. Wife of one, mother of two 🙂 She has been directing the worship team singers for the past year and a half at Saddleback Lake Forest; writing charts and arrangements and leading rehearsals. She is passionate about her husband and children and about using her gifts to further the kingdom!
e: emilyb@saddlebackvolunteer.com | facebook: @emily.benford.50 | instagram: @iamemilymusic


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  • Well said. The foundation of vocal health on point! If I may paraphrase Romans 12:1, "I therefore urge you brothers, to present your "vocal cords" as living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, this is your spiritual act of worship." Thank you Emily. Great worshiping with you in SB Anaheim.

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