God labels us as His “masterpiece.” We have been intentionally created in the image of our Creator and we are called to create. For many of us, this creativity reveals itself through songwriting. 
It is such privilege to write with my teammates in Saddleback Worship. We try to write songs for our congregation that support the vision and direction of our church while having open palms for what Jesus wants to say through lyric and melody. We place an emphasis on the sound of celebration, staying current and relevant, and remaining true to who we are in our writing. But these songs aren’t always revealed neatly in the first few drafts – it takes time. It takes wrestling with combinations of lyrics and melodies, writing and re-writing, sorting out differing opinions among team members, and above all requires plenty of prayer. This journey is joy-filled and fun, but it is also taxing. No matter what stage of songwriting we’re in, we must remember why we do it. 

  • We write to bring praise and honor to Jesus. It’s not about us. It is always all about Him. 
  • We write songs that celebrate what God is doing in our Church and around the world. There is so much to celebrate and we want what we sing to point toward the giver of every good thing. 
  • We write songs that reflect the season we are in as a church family—gratitude, joy, freedom, healing. We want to stay in step with the Spirit and how he is moving in our community. 
  • We write songs that creatively tell of God’s love and truth. We look for fresh ways to communicate God’s word.
  • We write to create an experience that lifts people’s eyes to their Creator. We want the songs we write to encourage people in their faith and to remind them that God is victorious. 

Songwriting isn’t about our abilities, our personal desires, or even the final product. Because sometimes a final product never happens. It’s about the process with the ultimate Artist. The One who calls us His masterpiece. Songwriting is an opportunity to commune with Jesus—to hear His voice. It’s about what he does in and through us when we are open and available. God invites us into this creative process and it is up to us to rely on him for direction and inspiration. Songwriting brings us close to our Creator—so close we can feel the space between God’s voice and our written words thinning. 



Associate Worship Leader

Josh leads worship for the weekend services and leads the College Worship Team at Saddleback at our Lake Forest campus.

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